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Reviewed by: cm021172 on: 2018/11/16 12:07:53
Today was the first time I've tried China King...had it delivered to me at work for lunch...and all I can say is A-MA-ZING!! I will definitely be ordering from here often, especially after I move back down here!! Thank you so much China King for a great lunch!! If I could give 100 stars instead of 5, I would happily do so!!!!!
Reviewed by: javagirljonah on: 2018/11/9 15:54:09
China King is our favorite! Our family loves it and we have never had anything we didn't like. Everything is always very tasty and cooked just right. Very friendly staff and prompt. Thank you for such good service.
Reviewed by: kittyd321 on: 2018/10/9 14:37:48
are you delivering
Reviewed by: dimmettc on: 2018/7/15 12:36:59
Why do you not deliver on weekends
Reviewed by: betty54tyler.bt on: 2018/5/5 18:17:17
I have odered delivery from there many times and tonoght u say im to far away??? Im only 4.4 miles
Reviewed by: tinabrowning1 on: 2018/3/13 18:09:20
Me and my grandkids love, love, loved China King. We'll definitely be back.
Reviewed by: jsnric37 on: 2018/3/9 18:23:32
Forgot the 2-liter Coke with our meal
Reviewed by: jsnric37 on: 2018/2/23 10:34:26
Wednesday night we ordered Chicken Fried Rice with our meal,but you gave us white instead.
Reviewed by: hoates2121 on: 2018/2/21 14:49:36
I love China king. There food is awesome and it's always hot and fresh.
Reviewed by: kdweezy10 on: 2018/1/18 20:25:32
First time I have ever ate here and it was so gross. The noodles were plain with no taste and the bourbon chicken was one of the most nasty chickens I have ever eaten.
Reviewed by: test on: 2017/11/21 0:27:29
Reviewed by: Jordyn795 on: 2016-10-01
Love, love,love China King! Food is always fresh and tasty. The owner is great and so are the delivery people.
Reviewed by: nana51indiana on: 2016-01-26
Every time ordering online they always say order is marked cash but I pay by CC. Then they call to get my number over the phone. But still have the guy come back to have me sign receipt...Why???
Reviewed by: acw on: 2016-01-05
RUDE delivery person! Wrong order! Cash only? Ever heard of the 'cube'? Put it on cell phones of delivery folks! IT'S FWEE!!!!!!!!
Reviewed by: trinkletrain34 on: 2015-12-31
Good food poor service untimely and delivery driver had music and subs blaring outside apartment disturbing everyone in my complex.
Reviewed by: robinfullerbates143 on: 2015-05-04
I had my first order delivered from China King this past Friday night. The food was absolutely wonderful! Hot, fresh, and perfectly seasoned. It was delivered in record time, too. The soup was still steamy when I took off the lid. Could not have asked for a better experience!
Reviewed by: gaholman on: 2014-05-28
i got the lunch special of general tsos the rice was amazing and i got a ton of food for the price! very happy
Reviewed by: klutt72 on: 2014-05-13
hot fresh and always on time!! happy customer :) bennett motors
Reviewed by: readyatalltimes on: 2014-05-10
Great food. Everything i have order delivery many times. Always 100% satisfied..
Reviewed by: newenglandpatriots5 on: 2014-02-14
Normally have really good service. Latest driver lost over and over and still waiting on my food. We work at the postal service and have been very good customers. This latest delivery has been very frustrating and I am sure our food will be cold and cannot eat it anyway because our lunch break is over
Reviewed by: sweetdreams on: 2014-02-14
I ordered my meal online and got an email to confirm.it was going to be delivered to a hotel 6.5mile away. I have to raise minimum and pay higher delivery charge than what is stated on website. waited for an hour, food did not come. Called and only be told it is too far for them to deliver. I have to scramble find another place for late hour. If you really want the food, don't order online.
Reviewed by: didunigan on: 2014-02-10
Love the food! And love this web page! Its easy to use and fabulously organized! I've been recomending it to all my friends!
Reviewed by: RandyBC48 on: 2014-01-05
So happy to find a place that delivers downtown. Had to spend $20. But that was easy. Usually pick up from Golden Budaha. This was as good, if not better. Don't like that they don't take plastic over the phone. Cash only. Will def order from them again.
Reviewed by: mpetersen on: 2013-12-11
Horrible Customer Service over the phone, My wife has just had surgery and we cannot go out i have been looking for the past hour in a half to find a local Chinese delivery and found them. Called up was ready to place my order "We only accept cash we cannot do credit card over the phone. I then tried to plead with them as to why She hung up on me. Never ever recommending this places at all! You do not hang up on customers. I was not yelling i was very respectful and i was treated like a worthless person. Thanks China King great 1st impression.
Reviewed by: Cabruce54 on: 2013-01-11
Add 1 Mountain Dew 1 Diet Dr Pepper I know it costs more, it's okay. Also, free delivery coupon doesn't work. You don't need to call, we discussed it all last time.
Reviewed by: Cabruce54 on: 2012-12-31
Extra duck sauce please.
Reviewed by: ljohnston1955 on: 2012-11-01
I have been calling for over an hour...no answer. Suppose to be open till 10:00 pm Not comfortable ordering online if your not answering your phone. I'm disappointed, guess I'll order pizza.
Reviewed by: Anonymous on: 2000-05-26
This place has wonderful take-out Chinese, as well as sit-down service. They are open late, which is great for those of us who work late. Their hot and sour soup is fabulous, as is their chicken with garlic sauce! It is a family favorite!! ...?
Reviewed by: Anonymous on: 2000-06-06
This place has friendly, efficient service and great food! We pick up Chinese from here often and are generally always pleased. Their chicken dishes are excellent, as are their soups -- especially their hot and sour. We appreciate the ...?
Reviewed by: Anonymous on: 2000-06-23
Like Chinese? Then you MUST try out this place! Their service is great and the food is even better! The prices are great and the staff love children which is a major plus! The hours are perfect for the expectant mother at home craving ...?
Reviewed by: Anonymous on: 2000-09-04
Must try different entrees. Shrimp with snow peas are a must. Stuffed crab ragoons mmmmm. Restruant is clean along with the restroom!! Rather eating in or out this restruant is a must. One of the best on my list!! ...?